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Roof Cleaning and Maintenance

Black Growth on Roofs (Roof Monsters)

Your roof is not something you should have to worry about, or even think about. Let Suncoast Roof & Paver Restoration maintain it, keeping it clean and tiles in place, for far less cost than the cost to clean it once it has algae growth.

Roof monsters are constantly trying to get a foothold. Once they do, your roof gets uglier and uglier as time passes.

Once a roof grows blue-green algae (appears black on roofs, driveways, and sidewalks) a homeowner is left with no alternative and it must be removed by some cleaning method. The most common methods include:




Relative Cost

Pressure Washing

·  Clean roof

·  Roof damage

·  Not approved by any roofing manufacturer

·  Labor intensive

·  Does not kill algae – will grow next growing season


Soft Washing

·  Clean roof

·  Kills algae allowing for one growing season after treatment

·  Approved by roofing manufacturers

·  For all roof types

·  Potential damage to surrounding foliage

·  Odor



·  Clean roof

·  Approved by some roofing manufacturers

·  For shingles

·  Labor intensive

·  Does not kill algae – will grow next growing season


Soft Washing

Soft washing is the only method utilized by Suncoast Roof & Paver Restoration for cleaning roofs with existing algae growth. The soft washing method has proven to be effective and provides the perfect foundation for the Copper Kill maintenance program.

Once the roof has an acceptable level of cleanliness, the Copper (Cu) Kill maintenance program can begin.

Copper Kill (Cu Kill)

Copper is a natural Earth element, a metal that has countless uses.  The antimicrobial properties of copper have been observed for millennia (long before people knew there were microbes). Simply put, copper kills microbes.  Copper is used for this specific purpose in many products, from boat paint to keep growth off hulls to athletic clothing to keep bacterial odor from forming.

Copper Kill is a clear roof application that is sprayed on and contains a dissolved copper compound. Copper Kill provides long-term mitigation of algae or mold growth as well as stain prevention without the use of bleach or other harsh chemicals. Copper Kill will not harm surrounding plants, alter roof color or decrease roof life.

A Copper Kill application typically lasts between two and three years before algae growth will begin again. Once on the maintenance plan, the roof is inspected annually to ensure there is no growth or new roof issues. The roof receives an application of Copper Kill every two years (two-year maximum between coats), or more frequent if required.

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