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Copper (Cu) Kill Plan Eliminates Roof Monsters Forever, Guaranteed.

Suncoast Roof & Paver Restoration

We began as two companies, one focused on Paver Cleaning and Sealing and the other on Roof Soft Washing.

We took the best practices from both and Suncoast Roof and Paver Restoration was born. 

The way in which we deliver superior value is through exceptional service at ordinary cost.  We utilize stringent quality control standards and inspections to ensure quality. Our clients expect the best and we deliver, guaranteed!

Our methods produce an unbeatable result. No one in the industry can beat our process for ensuring long-term roof algae mitigation and tile repair.  Our pricing is very competitive.


Eliminate any worry about roof cleaning and maintenance, violation letters from your HOA and possible fines, unsightly roofs with black algae growth, and expensive roof cleaning. Suncoast Roof & Paver Restoration can keep your roof clean and beautiful as well as keep roof tiles in place and repair cracked tiles for less than the typical cost of cleaning an unsightly roof and without the risk to surrounding foliage that exists with conventional cleaning methods.

One you begin the Copper (Cu) Kill roof plan, you never need to have your roof cleaned again as long as you are on the plan. Cu Kill is the best way to maintain an algae-free roof.

Image result for copper periodic table Copper has been known to kill microbes for millenia, long before anyone knew microbes exist. Today, the applications for copper cannot be counted, but here is a good list, including agricultural and feed.


Pavers of all types can be kept looking beautiful and resist sun-bleaching when properly maintained with UV-inhibiting sealers.

Properly maintaining pavers includes annual cleaning, sanding the joints as needed to lock the pavers tightly together and keep them from moving, and maintenance coats of high-quality sealer.