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Copper Kill (Cu Kill)

Copper has been known to kill microbes for millenia, long before anyone knew microbes exist. Today, the applications for copper cannot be counted, but here is a good list, including agricultural and feed. Copper was used in ancient civilizations as water vessels because they kept water clean and pure for long periods of time. Ancient people did not know why, but they knew it worked.

Read more about ancient uses of copper: Wiki and Sanskrit Magazine.

Copper is a natural metal with countless uses, including water pipes and cooking, agricultural uses, and even for lake and pond health.

Copper Kill is a clear roof application that is sprayed on and contains a dissolved copper compound. Copper Kill provides long-term mitigation of algae or mold growth as well as stain prevention without the use of bleach or other harsh chemicals. Copper Kill will not harm surrounding plants, alter roof color or decrease roof life.

A Copper Kill application typically lasts between two and three years before algae growth will begin again. Once on the maintenance plan, the roof is inspected annually to ensure there is no growth or new roof issues. The roof receives an application of Copper Kill every two years (two-year maximum between coats), or more frequent if required.

Cu Kill is available exclusively with Suncoast Roof and Paver Restoration.

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